For the Cultured: La Botiga, Mapleton

Places to Eat

I thought I might kick off this page with some places I go to regularly in a place close to my heart, Mapleton. This cosy town is for the slow paced days and right in the middle of it is La Botiga, a slice of culture and damn fine coffee.

As you walk into the open planned cafe you are instantly greeted with the smell of a nice brew, up beat music and chatting locals. Then comes the selection of simplistic looking quiches, pies, sausage rolls etc. with non-conventional (but mouth-watering) fillings and flavours which make deciding on what to eat very difficult. This cafe caters for large groups, couples or yourself and a book, you can easily feed yourself for under $10 and there are gluten free options aplenty.

Here are some images to make you jelly:


PRfinal  PRfinal3

Definitely would (and have many times) go back again.

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